Custom Ring & Jewelry Design

Does the search for “the ring” have you looking for better options? Everything you’ve seen is just not quite right.

If you know what you’re looking for, look no further than Kokkeler’s Jewlery in Bismarck ND. Our team has the talent, the technology and the experience to make anything you can imagine. Creating stunning, unique jewelry is not just a specialty, it’s a tradition.

At Kokkeler’s Jewelry we take great pride in our design and goldsmith work. Our talented goldsmith Russ has been crafting jewelry for over 20 years. The other half of our creative team, Jess, is a DCA certified guild gemologist and for over 5 years she has helped our customers create unique and unforgettable designs.

Both Russ and Jess recently traveled to Illinois for training in custom jewelry design and wax modeling using the latest technologies offered by GemVision – the Revo540 and the Matrix 7.5.

what a gem

“I chose Kokkeler’s Jewelry to buy my engagement ring because I need a full service jeweler, and the experience of professionals to help with my selection.

I like the fact that you work in jewelry exclusively, not buying gold or other services. I wanted to purchase an experience for my fiancé, to walk in the store and experience the look of the store from outside, the nice show room and private consulting the fact the staff will treat her like a princess, and appreciate our business without rushing us – even though it’s only a modest ring.

The service was great, everything was fully refundable and they flexed to make exactly the ring we wanted. All things I knew they would do before I walked in. I had a great session explaining our family tradition of using a pearl for the engagement ring, and we selected a great comfort style.

The best thing Kokkeler’s Jewelry gave me and my fiancé was a surprise. The day after ordering the ring I got a call from Jess, their in-house designer. She had listened in to my stories and preferences, and she asked me to come in to look at an idea she had created. WOW – this ring is very special, and a better match to my own preferences than the one I picked out. She really listened, and Kokkeler’s has knocked one out of the park. Thank you Jess.

People need to know what a gem they have here in Bismarck, in Kokkeler’s (pun intended).”

Matrix: 3D CAD software


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